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These new bots make some pretty bad plays sometimes.

So yeah, more like real people I guess.


I follow a simple guideline. If the game is free to play, and advertised as “Free to Play”, or especially “F2P”, I ignore it.

If the game is free to play, but doesn’t label itself as either of these things, then I might give it a shot.

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Oh I meant that I didn’t know what P4 was for the entirety of the PS2 generation.

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But then I didn’t know what Persona 4 was back then.

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This sounds awesome. I love Suda51, but his most recent games have all been pretty standard beat-em ups ever since No More Heroes. I’d love to see another Killer7, or even something real weird like Flower, Sun, and Rain or Contact.


This would be pretty cool actually.


It’d be wonderful if we could live in a world where we never have to deal with awkward, uncomfortable, or even threatening situations, but it’s not possible. Humans are dynamic and unpredictable creatures, and if you’re gonna have interactions with them you’re just gonna have to experience some level of… challenging… behaviour. The main thing to remember is that as the recipient of this behaviour you do not have to feel bad, or guilty. You’ve done nothing wrong. Don’t let it affect how you feel about yourself, keep being good and true to yourself, and be prepared to overcome these challenges again in the future.

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