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Loved the moon once I jumped back into it after the mission and just explored. Entered some tunnels and faced those ogres at one point, didn’t find anything that was over leveled though like earth.

Overall I’ve enjoyed the beta, but I wish there was more variation with the weapons/armor. Based on all the legendary gear the merchants own in guessing you get more variation later on in the game, but it’s been somewhat bland in that area so far.


I don’t know, not everywhere makes you pay when pre-ordering yet you still get the pre-order bonuses (i.e. Amazon). In some cases you can back out of the pre-order while still getting the bonuses.

And while your example of Alien may be correct that trying to upsell a game with pre-order bonuses is true, that isn’t the case with all games. Destiny is a massive game that Bungie and Activision have a lot of hope for. Beta invites for pre-orders doesn’t really seem that great considering that gives players enough time to back out of buying the game.

Instead of telling people we shouldn’t be pre-ordering any game, you should be showing ways to get the most out of pre-orders instead of just helping the publishers bottom-line.


Very cool, can’t believe easter eggs these days last more than a few months. I guess this one was very specific and subtle tho.


I guess I should’ve worded that differently then.

While there is a Quest mode that allows one player, it also allows up to 4 players at once. The developers clearly are pushing this game as a multiplayer experience, but have the option for single player if that is what you choose.

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I doubt it would be available just months after the initial release, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on next-gen sometime. I actually expect the whole series to be available at some point before BL3 is released.


Ah, I must have skimmed over the part of the expansions being part of an “expansion pass”. Thanks for the response.

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Hopefully they also just have a season pass of sorts for those that don’t want the books/toys but still want some subscription to the upcoming expansions.

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This game only has local multiplayer, meaning the only immaturity or idiocy you will deal with is your friends/family.

Even the single player “Quest” mode actually allows up to 4 players at the same time. It’s your choice on playing it the way the developers clearly didn’t intend it.

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Did you play it with anyone? From what I’ve heard and seen, the game is at it’s best with multiple people watching/playing.

I’ll be trying it out soon (thanks to PS Plus as well) with a couple friends, I’m hoping it turns out well.

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