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We haven’t really had any big next gen only games yet, never mind exclusives.

Someone hasn’t played Infamous. Say what you will about the gameplay (I quite enjoyed it), but the game is gorgeous, and there’s certainly no mistaking it for a last-gen game.

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If Destiny is any indication

It isn’t. Probably a bad example, considering Destiny also runs on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The hardware advantages of the PS4 can’t be removed just by the minor GPU bump you get on the Xbox One when you re-allocate the slice originally allocated for Kinect. From Anandtech:

Microsoft can’t make up the difference in clock speed alone (AMD’s GCN seems to top out around 1GHz on 28nm), and based on current leaks it looks like both MS and Sony are running their GPUs at the same 800MHz clock. The result is a 33% reduction in compute power, from 1.84 TFLOPs in the PS4 to 1.23 TFLOPs in the Xbox One. We’re still talking about over 5x the peak theoretical shader performance of the Xbox 360, likely even more given increases in efficiency thanks to AMD’s scalar GCN architecture (MS quotes up to 8x better GPU performance) – but there’s no escaping the fact that Microsoft has given the Xbox One less GPU hardware than Sony gave the PlayStation 4. Note that unlike the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 era, Sony’s hardware advantage here won’t need any clever developer work to extract – the architectures are near identical, Sony just has more resources available to use.

In order to accommodate the eSRAM on die Microsoft not only had to move to a 12 CU GPU configuration, but it’s also only down to 16 ROPs (half of that of the PS4). The ROPs (render outputs/raster operations pipes) are responsible for final pixel output, and at the resolutions these consoles are targeting having 16 ROPs definitely puts the Xbox One as the odd man out in comparison to PC GPUs. Typically AMD’s GPU targeting 1080p come with 32 ROPs, which is where the PS4 is, but the Xbox One ships with half that. The difference in raw shader performance (12 CUs vs 18 CUs) can definitely creep up in games that run more complex lighting routines and other long shader programs on each pixel, but all of the more recent reports of resolution differences between Xbox One and PS4 games at launch are likely the result of being ROP bound on the One. This is probably why Microsoft claimed it saw a bigger increase in realized performance from increasing the GPU clock from 800MHz to 853MHz vs. adding two extra CUs. The ROPs operate at GPU clock, so an increase in GPU clock in a ROP bound scenario would increase performance more than adding more compute hardware.

Now, you can rightfully argue that games and experience will trump specs, but the idea that the Xbox and the PS4 are basically equal now is a fallacy.

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We’ve already seen the results of the price drop. Xbox One sales doubled, but the PS4 still outsold it.

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even worse planned line up

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Glad to see this game is getting the love it deserves! Crazy to think it might be my GOTY so far, and it wasn’t even on my radar a month ago. It’s also made me more excited for other Kickstarted RPGs like Pillars of Eternity.

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It’s ridiculous how immersive VR is, even with incredibly dated (though classic) graphics like in the original Zelda, or with incredibly basic hardware in the form of cardboard you stick your phone in and hold up to your face. I loaded up a basic rollercoaster demo on my phone, handed my Google Cardboard over to co-workers, and watched the confused look on their faces quickly dissolve into joy. I’ve lost myself in Google Earth a couple of times, even with the slow-loading, low-res satellite imagery.

It’s pretty remarkable. I really couldn’t be more excited to see where the next couple of years take us.

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I miss Nintendo dominance!

Why would you want any company to “dominate”? Competition is what keeps things fresh.

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Yes, that too! Uuuugh. Characters continue to be surprised by revelations they’ve already had. Gasp! This shocking thing I’ve heard three times is still true!

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