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i like pie.

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Things are getting crazy in gaming. Next thing you know Suda51 is going to do a Mario game.


Can we get this integrated with XBL, PSN and Steam for players who repeatedly show difficulty in being able to cope with other human beings?


The long term, don’t log in for awhile-lose all of your games, functionality of Steam sucks.

However, the short term in game implementation of Steam beats the hell out of anything I’ve used so far that insists on checking at run time if you own a given game.

DRM is a good idea. However, implementations of it have just been onerous or just plain system destroying. Console DRM, that being, “This disc must be formatted the right way and be encrypted just so” works. PS3, PS4 and XB1 currently don’t have outstanding exploits for the current firmwares.

That being said, the real key to DRM isn’t, “Will this stop pirates entirely?” but rather, “Is this easier than piracy?” For a long time, buying a disc in a store has been that answer. Steamworks, GOG, etc. all implement some form of DRM. GOG doesn’t let you download until you’ve paid, as discussed before. Which is DRM. Which works. Which I think is the iTunes Music answer to the whole thing. Which might be the right thing to do.

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GameCube emulation’s been a thing. Including Wii emulation.

That being said, there was a working Gameboy Advance emulator that was working before the US release of the console. I remember playing Metroid Fusion day of release via an emulator.

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