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I think that’s his point. That specific statement is a bit of snark from him, as he really believes people would rather experience VR than watch a screen several feet away.

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Sounds a little batshit, but he has a point about the economics of manufacturing and shipping. I don’t want to be down on a guy that’s clearly had a lot of success for a reason, but I still doubt traditional displays will be gone in 20 years.

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Good on you. Just be sure to use a different password for each service.

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Yeah, and as I’ve come to find out, unless you have a 500 sq ft living room, it isn’t even good at exercise/dancing/simple interface gestures.

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Great insight into the nitty gritty of game dev processes.

I don’t build games, but I write plenty of software.
Serious questions for any lurking game devs:

Double the rate — from 5 resources per second to 10 — and add the wave bonus. Not a controversial change, but it will halt work on almost everything else. Someone will have to go in and manually add data to the game code for every wave in every script for every level.

This change taking “days” seems like a lot. Are games not built with modular/object based principles that would allow this sort of change to be made once in a given codebase?

“Nice to have in, ‘I don’t have to play through the whole mission to get to the last wave and see if the change I made worked.’”

Wouldn’t there be a suite of tests to confirm functionality works as intended, at least in a computational sense if not a human experience sense? I get the need for playtesting, but it probably doesn’t need to happen with each change.

I don’t mean to be demeaning, just curious, thanks.

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