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"My name's Will. I use a Galaxy Nexus, an iPad, and a MacBook Pro. I like technology and pop culture. I'm a senior in high school and plan to attend college for communications (either video production or audio/radio production, possibly both).

I'm also a mod on Engadget, which is not nearly as bad as you think it is." - my Verge profile.

I also like video games and stuff. Yay.

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Goddamn, everyone is so fucking upset about a 7.5 and an 8, it’s so ridiculous.

Sorry your favorite game didn’t get an 11/10. Maybe the reviewer didn’t like the game as much as you. Everyone has tastes. I see people above saying that their favorite game of last year was either this or Assassin’s Creed, as was “the majority” of the gaming community. Neither of those games were my favorite; I much preferred Zelda:LBW or 3D World. And in fact, this year, it’s almost certainly going to be either Kart 8 or Smash Bros, because I’m not interested in anything else coming out (well, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, but I don’t have a PS3 anymore). Everyone has different opinions and different tastes in games. Fucking chill.

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Let me help you out.

“While I would have loved an option to slot Left Behind into its place in the timeline while playing through the game…”

It’s pretty easy to make a pop up when starting a new game that’s like… “if this is your first time playing TLoU, select Left Behind for after the game finishes. If you have played the game before, select Left Behind for insertion into the timeline.”


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Would it be, though?

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Digimon is pretty much gone, at least in the US. From what I understand, Yugioh still has newer shows, but I don’t know what channel they’re on. Probably a higher cable channel.

Pokemon, however, is a pretty widely praised video game that isn’t going away anytime soon, nor should it.

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