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The Secret Ending (spoilers)
about 5 hours ago
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They can make a football game but not an NFL football game—and no one would buy it.


;) I thought I’d get more biters…smart group here lol

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Its amazing the new graphics they can make after using old hardware, the 3DS will make this new engine shine!

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People can say what they want, I assume that was all PS4 footage…The game looks pretty damn good.

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Option vs Forced. This actually is the overarching theme for MSFT issue in regards to X1 pre-release: No choice. People don’t like not having a choice and naturally resist it. This is a good experiment that shows when given the OPTION people still buy it. Would I have bought an X1 if I new could buy the kinect later? Probably, but I don’t like people to force me into things unless I can see the point. The latter remains to be seen.

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