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Ooh, link for that last hack info?

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I think that the PS2 classics on PSN are recompiled code, so it’s not emulating. Just a guess on my part, though.


Alright, let’s break that down in a practical sense.
The number of playable games for all 3 of those combined is 6.
…6. I suppose that is existing in a literal sense, but that’s nowhere near “great Xbox emulation.” And just about all support for the 3 have been dropped, for a multitude of reasons listed here. Meanwhile PCSX2 has been greatly supported and, at native resolution, can run a lot of games when using a modern desktop CPU.

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Fact Check: An Xbox emulator doesn’t exist aside from the 360, and that emulator is garbage… and the PS2 is less powerful than the Xbox.

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Do yourself a favor and remove the “yet” from that statement.

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I disagree with the person above. The Nvidia Shield’s specs are nowhere close to middling, and because it runs Android, it offers much more versatility as a handheld device, such as internal storage and running emulators if you’re into that kind of thing. Add in the better ergonomics and longer battery life, and that would be a vote in its favor from me.

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