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The Hong Kong Massacre
about 5 hours ago

Do yourself a favor and remove the “yet” from that statement.

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I disagree with the person above. The Nvidia Shield’s specs are nowhere close to middling, and because it runs Android, it offers much more versatility as a handheld device, such as internal storage and running emulators if you’re into that kind of thing. Add in the better ergonomics and longer battery life, and that would be a vote in its favor from me.

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They didn’t have good enough boob physics for male breasts.


Updated the post to reflect the new Steam Controller news. Hopefully there will be more to follow once more people get their hands on the updated prototype this week at GDC.


I changed the title to reflect that I’m talking about face buttons.

As for complaining, if you watch the Xbox One Controller Comparison video Russ Frushtick did in November, he says “Thankfully, the PS4 got rid of those pressure sensitive buttons that were on the PS3 that everyone hated.” I had never heard anyone complain about them before the DS4 announcement, either. I liked them when they were on the original Dualshock (yes, the original had analog face buttons) and I liked them on the 3.

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