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Right. I get the complaint. I get what sold in and sold through are. I also understand that it doesn’t “prove” anything. But we don’t have the data to prove anything anyway.

But like you said, your example is extreme. There is in no way that all those XB1 consoles are sitting on store shelves collecting dust. We all know that. So knowing that it isn’t such an extreme case, we can presume that the Xbox division isn’t going bankrupt and failing.

The flip side is, most of these posts are presuming that XB1 sales are bad simply by the type of number reported. That is extreme as well. It assumes that MS is somehow failing because they reported a sell in number (which is significantly easier to track) rather than a sell out number.

So my point is this, we know that XB1 is not a failure. It is clear because they are selling and people want them. We also know that PS4 is selling better, and in line with what a new console launch is expected (for instance Nintendo expected to sell 8MM WiiU in this same time frame…which of course they didn’t, but that was the forecast).

So what can we take away from it? The XB1 is selling well and PS4 is selling better. Period. Can’t we be happy for that? That is all my point is.

We should be happy that the market loves video games and consoles specifically (as opposed to phones, tablets, and other devices) to play games on. There is a healthy and viable market out there willing to spend $400-$500 on a new console.

I am happy for that. I’m not going to nit pick MS and say they are failing because of one number reported 6 months into the life of their new hardware. It is a bad conclusion to draw from the data, and it is also an immature attitude to have about your hobby.
Can’t we just reel it in a little and not be so “internet” like?

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Oh, I get making the distinction and what it can mean. But people aren’t really saying that.
They are basically saying “Microsoft is behind with their sales numbers, and they are reporting sell in so it is even less. They suck.”
It’s an immature attitude and doesn’t really mean anything at the end of the day.
They have sold 5MM units. In or out, that is a good number (and beats the WiiU sales to date if I am not mistaken). So who cares? They are a success and the market will be better for it.


Right. But my point is that if you subtract x% for those not sold at retail it is still a pretty impressive number. I don’t think anybody would argue that the XB1 (or PS4 for that matter) are a failure. So who cares? They are both successes.

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Why is everybody harping on the sold in vs sold through? I mean, yeah there are some pretty big differences in the numbers but at the end of the day it shows that XB1 is a total success. Sure, PS4 is a bigger one at the moment (and possibly forever) but that is good news!
Both consoles are awesome and it proves that the market still wants a console in their living room, so much so that there are two viable machines out there selling for a ton of money. Have your favorite for whatever reason, but I will celebrate with MS regardless of the Sony success and vice versa.


I think this is less for the customer base than it is for the business model.

Of course people want a discount and would love that. But how many people are going to buy again? Truthfully, a lot. But the ratio is still probably pretty low.

For instance, I own the PS3 game. I won’t even think of buying the PS4 version unless it is at a drastically reduced price. Period.
This is coming from a person who has a known history of buying the same game on different platforms.

If Sony and Naughty Dog want to capture as many sales as possible, a discount is in order. It isn’t owed to any current PS3 version owners by any means, but it could convert a lot of people looking for something to play on a new console that doesn’t have much (relatively speaking). It also helps define the MP community and get people to hook into PS+ to do so.


Well, the console war comments are to be expected. People do what they do.
As for the horrible movie tie in, most likely yes, but I think it actually looks kind of fun too. The physics and swinging mechanics of the game look far better than any prior Spider-Man game on any platform.


I don’t know the issue and I am curious too, but it isn’t a surprise to them. People have known for some time that the game would be delayed and Activision was working on a solution. It is only recent that it is a question of if the game will release at all and the issue becoming public knowledge.

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Oh I dig that one and I’m not even a Dr. Who fan.

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Okay, I get your stance. I disagree with you but I think you have a valid way of looking at it.

I’m more attuned to eabarths reply, where he/she says the question is not how it needs to be saved for the market, but how it needs to be saved for Sony. Because selling or not selling “well enough” is a subjective term for the market. It is far less so for Sony’s bottom line.

You are right, it is your job to fairly report and analyze facts. It is also your job to state things and communicate clearly.
My sole point is that at the end of the day it can be stated more clearly than it is.


I actually think that they are both very viable platforms. I just think the niche they both fill is not matched to their price points.
I have a Vita, but only because I got it really cheap through a deal. I would never spend $200 on it. Similarly, I’d like a WiiU as well, but not for the current retail price points (even though they have dropped and there are good deals out there).

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To be fair, I think the Icon was stating articles need less sensationalism in their headlines. Stating “What can Sony do to save the Vita” implies that it needs saving as if that were a fact.
His point basically comes down to defining it as negative marketing for lack of a better term. Or a self fulfilling prophecy. If we keep saying it is a failure then nobody will invest time or money into it, then it fails. See we were right!
So he isn’t saying not to critique Sony, he is saying to do it fairly.

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I prefer to think of them both as half alive rather than fully dead.

Both systems are successful to some level. Both have “things” on the horizon. Both have the potential to pull out of their half life state reference to half life…HL3 confirmed but whether either or both of them come close to that potential is anybody’s guess.

So yeah. Half alive.
Pessimism is not unwarranted in the entire situation, but calling them dead is premature (or immature in some cases). Only time (and the market) will tell if they are alive or not. When it is all said and done, we will understand the signs we are seeing today.


Yeah, just reading the 1984 article brought back such good memories.

I can still remember my best friend getting a bunch (like 8 or 10) of them for Christmas that year from his Grandpa. And his Grandpa thought they were so cool he opened every one of them, played with them, and then put them back in the boxes to wrap. So classic (and the fact that his name was Ken and his wife’s name was Barbie was another memory).

I can still remember recording….as in audio recording… the cartoon as I watched it. We didn’t have a VCR yet, so I used audio tapes so I could get some more Transformers time in.

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That’s really cool. I only had time to read 1984 right now, which was pretty well summarized.


Exactly. I already have my case picked out.
The SilverStone Sugo SG10B.

Pretty much fits all my needs in a small package.
I’ve seen people fit a radiator in there as well for liquid cooled so I may go that route when I do it (even though it seems really tight).

The only thing is, I would need to buy that case, the liquid setup, and a slim optical drive if I wanted to do this (I’d probably skip the optical to save money). So that is a lot of money for a lateral move. I mean, I will save space, but I don’t really need to since my computer is in a huge entertainment center anyways. But one day…


Here’s my case (a bit dusty at the moment).

And here is a shot of the inside. It’s not quite like this now, but basically the same. I did a little better cable management, which is stupid hard on this case because there is nowhere for them to run or hide. The benefit though is that the case is huge, so there is no restricted airflow ever, especially with the two fans on the cross bar.

i5 4570
12GB ram (I know, odd amount)
240GB Samsung SSD for the OS
4TB Seagate HDD for my games.

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Nice rig. I’m going to downsize my case when I get the spare money (hard to justify spending money on something I don’t actually need).
I won’t go mini-ITX because I have an existing computer, but a small micro case will do.

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Banana for scale?


Go to Mud Hen Tavern for something to eat.

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Yeah, like others say, it isn’t really a good game.
I bought it for $3 and that was too much money in my opinion.
I never got very far because it lost my interest.

75 cents is pretty much the price point. Over a buck is too much.


That was always my favorite thing (and by favorite I mean the thing that bugged me the most) about his artwork. The crotch area was…well, it was always tight and line riddled. I swear, none of his men have penises. It’s all tight lines.


That’s my #1 check point for an artist. I look at the hands and judge how well they are drawn. If they get the hand right then everything else is right (anatomically speaking).

Check out a book called drawing dynamic hands. That will help a lot.


Typically you are correct with your observation, but I’ve met some pretty enthusiastic shooters and they say that you should always practice with your non-dominant eye and hand. Essentially saying, learn to do everything all ways so that if you ever need to (like being injured in the field) you can still shoot effectively.
So yes, I’ve watched people shoot with the opposite eye just like that.
But the flip side is, Snake would have just adjusted to shooting left handed as well so you still have a point.


Why not the same time? Both wii versions came out relatively at the same time and I promptly went out and bought both. Basically the fact that both existed was a major factor of me buying a wii.
I literally bought it for those two games and the cool factor that motion controls promised.


I have almost splurged on the many times they have been on sale.
The sad thing is though, I probably won’t ever play them again in completion.
I have messed with the first 3 from a digital copy, but I can’t see myself actually playing it and enjoying it like I did. Man, the mechanics of just walking is a pain now.
But yes, one day I will have one too many drinks and somehow own the entire collection.

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