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It's an Irish bloke on Polygon. He's even sober enough to post coherently! Well, sometimes. I don't normally speak in third person.

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Seriously though, hats off for these articles. I’ve enjoyed reading them, and I never knew I was as interested in Polish history. I guess it’s time do some more reading thanks to these articles.


A nice bit of black humour there. I’ve never heard that saying before, but I dig it. Somewhat apt considering the country’s history. :(

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A fair enough point, I’ll admit. It’s not good from a gameplay perspective but I liked the fact the protagonist wasn’t Solder McNazihunter. Granted the gameplay still turns him into that at certain points, but at least it wasn’t all of the time.

Whether Warsaw was worked into the game well enough is an interesting matter though, I have to be honest. I know very little about the Uprising other than that it took an incredible amount of courage and was ultimately a failure. Perhaps if I was more well learned on the specific subject I could have more of an opinion. I feel I have a good enough understanding of the Second World War, but only from a mainstream history perspective. The Warsaw Uprising is definitely not in the mainstream consciousness, though I’m doing what I can to educate myself about these things.

Trust me, if you’re playing it on the hardest difficulty you’ll have no real fun with it at all. Crank it down to East and I guarantee you’ll have significantly more fun with the game. I played the first two missions on Hard and hated it – the flaws are still there on Easy, but they don’t dominate things quite as much.

It absolutely could have been a better game than it was. I want a sequel or a prequel, but not an equal, because I do enjoy games set in atypical historical periods. Would I buy Enemy Front for full retail price? Not a chance mate, but I’d entertain it for £10. I rented the copy I have and it’s definitely a rental / cheap purchase game.


You can play through the game stealthily, but there are a few instances where the game will shoehorn you into a shooting sequence. Playing stealthily also requires you to play a more-or-less perfect run through each section of the mission. Shooting your way through doesn’t, making it a significantly easier option.

There are a couple of achievements for stealth, but only in specific sections of the missions. The first few missions ( those set in France ) are by far the most enjoyable to go through in a stealthy manner, because they’re more open-ended than any of the others. My strategy consisted of grabbing a PPSh-41 where possible and spewing bullets like a lead-based fire hydrant.

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Having played ‘Enemy Front’, it’s not a great game but the story it tells is so human in ways that the average FPS game isn’t. Even the protagonist isn’t just some forgettable brodude with a gun and an attitude. Movement is floaty, and sometimes you’ll pull the trigger and experience delay with the gun firing. Sometimes you’ll get frame-rate drops like you’re playing a PC game at just-about-capable specs. And yet… I can’t help but enjoy it.

In honesty, the game has convinced me that WWII is still a viable scenario for future titles. There are so many stories of the war that haven’t been covered, and I fully endorse any efforts to bring them to light.

The game feels like it’s all there, just not quite polished up. Nevertheless I’d love to see the developers getting more credit for what they’ve made. Come to think of it, I’d like to see them becoming masters in this field; kind of like a Paradox Interactive for niche WWII FPS games. I’d definitely play them. Enemy Front even hints at something of a prequel (there’s a line of dialogue suggesting protagonist Robert Hawkins was in Spain during the civil war, 1936-39).

The Warsaw Uprising is just one of numerous events of madness and downright heroism to have taken place in the war. Hopefully now they’ll get some of the recognition they deserve.

I might as well link ‘Uprising’, a track by Swedish metal band Sabaton here as well. Unsurprisingly, it’s about the Warsaw Uprising and the music video is pretty good as well. Most of their songs are about warfare and history. 40-1 was about the Battle of Wizna fought in 1939, so that may also be of interest to anyone who clicked the last link.


Honestly, for a red-top tabloid I am disgusted by the fact they missed the opportunity to call this article “Shoot ’Em Up”. This is the paper that ran the front-page headline “Bin Bagged” after Bin Laden got shot, and they missed that one?

Standards are slipping, lads.

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Alas, only on the weekends.


The A7V? You’re exactly right, by the way – just 20 of them were constructed during the war in the period between March and October 1918. That Wikipedia article has some great information on the A7V, including the ultimate fate of many of the chassis numbers. Their naming is eye-opening as well; they really were named to celebrate Germany, weren’t they? Faust and Mephisto being Goethe’s Faust, and Wotan a nod back to the old Germanic paganism.

Strange, really, how something like that can be a nice bit of trivia in what was otherwise an incredibly brutal war.


If you subscribe to Foch’s view of WWI, WWII was little more than a continuation of the hostilities. I can’t remember the specifics of the quote, but he said something following the armistice, that it was a “peace treaty for twenty years”.

Come 1939, the Second World War began, and Foch was essentially proven right, for Germany and France found themselves in a state of war once again.

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Hi there!

My name’s Paul, and Sabre Swinger’s description of me will never be topped. Unless, of course, you set out to top it. I’ve already decided I like you bee cause of your name.

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What I’ve been listening to recently.

In response to yesterday’s COTD, I had a Peugeot 205 T16 die-cast that was made in Macau. It was the only die-cast I ever saw to have been made there. How about that?

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