Sony offering 10 percent PSN discount this weekend after holiday outages (update)

Sony's promised discount of 10 percent off a PlayStation Store purchase, part of the company's make-good for the PlayStation Network outages around Christmas, will go into effect this weekend, Sony announced yesterday. The company initially announced the deal earlier this month as an apology for extended PSN downtime during the holiday season, which was caused by denial-of-service attacks on the network from a hacker group known as Lizard Squad. Connectivity issues plagued the service for multiple days after Christmas. All PSN users will be able to get 10 percent off a purchase in the PlayStation Store this weekend. It's not that everything in the store is 10 percent cheaper; instead, the offer is for a one-time discount off eligible items in a total cart purchase. The deal applies to...

Powers, PlayStation's first original TV series, premieres this March

Powers, the television adaptation of the Icon Comics graphic novel, will debut March 10 on PlayStation Network, book co-creator Brian Michael Bendis announced today on the PlayStation Blog. The first three of 10 episodes will arrive on PSN that day, and the following seven will be released in order, a new episode every Tuesday. The pilot will be "free for everyone at," said Bendis, and PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to watch the entire season for free. Powers was originally set to premiere in December. Must Read 'Powers' creators and cast introduce the first PlayStation TV show at NYCC panel "As I sift through different cuts of the episodes and the raw footage, I've been hearing from our cast on the set about how much fun everyone has...
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Jan. 21, 2015

Life in Japan

An 18-part look inside Japan's game industry: Night Cry, Scalebound, Final Fantasy 15, Street Fighter 5, Summer Lesson and more.

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All Sony Stores in Canada are closing down

Sony is opening another year with a round of closures of its Sony Stores, in this case all 14 locations within Canada. The Ottawa Citizen first reported the news, later confirming it with a statement from Sony. The business will be redirected to Sony's online store and retail partners, Sony said. Last year around this time, Sony announced 20 Sony Stores would be shut down, leaving 11 open in California, Florida, New York and Texas. That was part of cost-cutting efforts, set to close in March this year, that will eliminate 5,000 jobs, sell off its Vaio PC division and spin off its TV business. Sony's stock price is higher than it was a year ago at this time, by about $3, but still is about $15 lower than what it was in 2011.

PlayStation anniversary sale discounts more than 60 popular games of the last 20 years

In honor of PlayStation's 20th anniversary, more than 60 games are on sale today for up to 60 percent off — or up to 75 percent off, for PS Plus members — digital distribution manager Chieh Chen announced via the PlayStation Blog. That list covers PS1 and PS2 Classics, PS3, PS4, PSP and PS Vita games, and includes titles such as Killzone Shadow Fall, Dragon Age: Origins, Far Cry 3 Ultimate Edition, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Persona 4 Golden, Rayman, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Tomb Raider. Check out the full list on the original blog post. The sale ends Monday, Jan. 19.

Minecraft will let you change your in-game name starting Feb. 4

Minecraft players will be able to change their in-game names beginning Feb. 4, developer Mojang announced today on its official blog. The new ability will be available to those with a Mojang account through their account page. Those who sign in with their email address are ready to go. Those who don't can migrate their account. Banned players who change their names will remain banned. Names will remain unique with the new service, and "old unpaid usernames" will be freed up. Players will need to wait 30 days before changing again. Last September, Microsoft announced its intention to purchase Mojang. Microsoft's $2.5 billion acquisition of Mojang became official in November. In a blog post on the same day as Microsoft's September announcement, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson...

Watch Volume's hounds, knights and archers while listening to Gollum

Volume has a brand new trailer that introduces viewers to the upcoming pacifist stealth game's cadre of enemies. Press play above to meet the Pawn, Turret, Knight, Rogue, Hound and Archer in Volume's dark, polygonal world. In the background, you'll hear Andy Serkis, the actor who portrayed Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, as well as Caesar in the Planet of the Apes reboot. Serkis' video game roles include Monkey in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. He's also set to star in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first trailer for which he provided the voiceover. Volume, in development from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell, is scheduled for a 2015 release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Mac and Windows PC. For more on the game, be sure to read Polygon's interview...

Rogue Legacy will arrive on Xbox One this year

Rogue Legacy, Cellar Door Games' retro-styled "rogue lite" platformer, will arrive for Xbox One in 2015, a representative from the developer told Polygon. "It's definitely coming this year," the representative said. Originally released in 2013 for PC, Rogue Legacy hopped to PlayStation platforms last year. It's currently available for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. For more on its current incarnation, be sure to read and watch Polygon's review.
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Ubisoft's Graduate Program is looking for more budding developers to pay

Ubisoft is looking for "aspiring developers" for the second year of its Graduate Program, which lets recent college graduates gain industry experience, according to a post on the Ubisoft blog. The program is designed, in part, to give the recently degreed the opportunity to work on games, so they can gain the experience often used as a prerequisite on applications. "We give our graduates responsibilities within specific projects that we know will help them learn faster," said Clémence Bataille, the project manager for the Ubisoft Graduate Program. "Our goal is that graduates accumulate four years of experience in the space of two years. At the end of the program, they will be armed with considerable knowledge of the video games sector and the company, and will be able to take on the...

Your timeline of game releases for January, February and March

There's a fat selection of games coming out in the first three months of 2015.Although generally considered to be a quiet time of the year, during which game companies take a rest from the rigors of fall, January, February and March 2015 look pretty busy. Polygon's timeline for the three months encompasses big-budget games like The Order: 1886, Battlefield Hardline and Evolve. There are also curiosities like Code Name: STEAM and Life is Strange. It's probable that this season will yield a few gems: Bloodborne and Project Cars look especially noteworthy. If you were hoping for a respite from all the game releases of the previous three months, looks like you're out of luck. This timeline is not comprehensive. We have left off games without firm release dates as well as DLC, remakes...

Which console owners are browsing the most porn?

PornHub has released a data-squirt that looks into the habits of its consumers. Among the pearls of information about favored search-terms and length-of-engagement is a chart on games console use. The chart breaks down usage according to format, with Xbox owners (presumably this covers Xbox 360 and Xbox One) taking the biggest share of console use, at 45.7 percent. PlayStation comes in at 40 percent, which is a significant decrease from 2013. Nintendo Wii owners are at 8.7 percent. Handheld use gets a look-in, of course, with PlayStation Vita owners pumping above their weight with 5 percent, and 3DS just 1.1 percent.

IGF announces the 2015 Main Competition finalists

After pouring over a massive list of nearly 650 entries, the Independent Games Festival juries have announced their choices for Main Competition finalists. The 17th annual awards continue the tradition of honoring the "influential and outstanding" games made by independent developers. This year's jury members were selected for their specialization in distinct disciplines, including visual art and narrative design, and included industry figures such as Anthony Burch, the co-founder and co-writer of the Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin' web series as well as Christine Love, the creator of Analogue: A Hate Story among others. The awards will be handed out at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco in March. Last year's winners included Papers, Please, Device 6 and Risk of Rain. The full...

Duke Nukem is free for PlayStation Plus members

The Duke Nukem compilation, Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, was released late yesterday and is available now for download on PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita, according to the PlayStation Blog. The title is available free for PlayStation Plus members as part of Sony's monthly offering. The Megaton Edition, published by Devolver Digital, includes Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, Duke Nukem Caribbean: Life's a Beach, Duke It Out in D.C., and Duke: Nuclear Winter. The Atomic Edition alone includes all four episodes in a "visually restored format." Outside of PlayStation Plus membership, the game is regularly priced at $9.99 on both platforms.

Broken Age is coming to retail this spring, will protect against solar flares

Broken Age, developer Double Fine Productions' crowdfunded adventure game, will be released in retail outlets this spring thanks to a partnership between the developer and Nordic Games. Broken Age will arrive in retail outlets for Linux, Mac and Windows PC — and include new German voice acting for all characters. The two companies teamed up last year for retail releases of Costume Quest, Stacking and Psychonauts. "I am very excited about the retail version of Broken Age," Double Fine President and CEO Tim Schafer said in a press release. "And also relieved, as having a widely distributed, physical copy of the game will make it more safe from solar flares and EMP bombs and stuff like that. As long as people store their disks in fire proof safes. People do that, right?" "Not really"...

Sony giving PS Plus subscription extensions, 10 percent discount over PSN outage

Sony is giving PlayStation Plus subscribers who were impacted by the PlayStation Network's downtime this Christmas an extension to their subscriptions, Sony Entertainment Network VP Eric Lempel said on the PlayStation Blog today. The company will also give all PSN users a one-time use 10 percent discount on a PlayStation Store purchase. The five-day extension to PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be available for members who had an active membership or free trial on Dec. 25, 2014. The extension will be automatically applied. Sony's 10 percent discount code will apply to a "total cart purchase" in the PlayStation Store. The discount can be applied to PlayStation Store content including games, add-ons, season passes, television series and movies. The PlayStation Network was the target...

100 games to look forward to in 2015

Which games will you be playing in 2015? As the year begins, Polygon has picked out a selection of games coming in the next 12 months. We've tried to choose games that are either due this year, or seem likely to arrive. We've focused on a selection of noteworthy console and Windows PC games, though there are some mobile titles. Generally, we consider Early Access availability to be a launch. On the whole, we've avoided platform crossovers and straight-up HD remakes, as well as DLC. Adrift Space station disaster exploration Adrift is a first-person exploration game that is light on combat and set in space. Created by Adam Orth (previously a leading name at Microsoft's game division) and his team at ThreeOneZero, it drops the player into a space station that's...

PlayStation Plus in January gets you Infamous: First Light, The Swapper

The January haul for PlayStation Plus members includes Infamous: Second Son stand-alone expansion Infamous: First Light, as well as The Swapper, Prototype 2 and more, Sony announced today on the PlayStation Blog. First Light is available on PlayStation 4, while players can pick up puzzle game The Swapper on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita. PlayStation 3 owners can nab action-adventure game Prototype 2 and platformer DuckTales Remastered. Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition is available on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. PS Plus members will get Whoa Dave!, a new game from the creators of the Bit.Trip series, on PS Vita; the PS4 version is expected to release at a later date. The aforementioned titles will be available Jan. 6. Watch the video above for a look at all six titles. ...

Polygon's 50 admirable gaming people of 2014

Who are the people who contributed to gaming the most in 2014? Who made the positive changes that helped make it such an extraordinary year? This is Polygon's list of 50 people who we think made a difference in the past 12 months. Whether through acts of creativity, community, perseverance, bravery or brilliance, they grappled with the challenges of the day and made the world of gaming better. Some of the people on this list are individuals who act on their own, but most are part of a larger team. Our recognition of these individuals is also a recognition of their teams and their supporters. Polygon's editorial crew worked together to create this list. We know it's not perfect, but it fairly represents us and our view of gaming right now. Feel free to add your own suggestions in...

PlayStation Network suffering from 'intermittent connectivity' issues

PlayStation owners are experiencing "intermittent connectivity" to PlayStation Network, Sony said today on the PlayStation Knowledge Center. Members of the Polygon team were able to sign in on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but were initially unable to access the PlayStation Store or get their friends list to display. We also signed in on the PlayStation App, but it didn't show any of our friends as online. Within a few minutes, the friends list and the PS4's "What's New" section began loading again. However, the friends list appears to be working improperly, with friend counts fluctuating wildly. Today's troubles follow extended periods of downtime for PSN on and after Christmas Day last week. Both PSN and Microsoft's Xbox Live went down on Dec. 25, after...

Best of the rest of 2014: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth may be my most-played game in 2015

Every year the Polygon staff chooses 10 excellent games to award our Game of the Year honors, but that means some games we love don't quite make the cut. This year we've decided to run a series of opinion pieces by members of the Polygon staff explaining why certain games earned top marks from them even if they didn't make our staff-wide Game of the Year list. I'm not shocked that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth didn't make our staff-wide Games of the Year list for 2014. I don't think many of my colleagues at Polygon played it. And as much as I think they made a horrible mistake with that choice, I can't entirely blame them. See, The Binding of Isaac is a game that kind of requires history and context to really get it. History lesson The original The Binding of Isaac released...

PlayStation Network slowly coming back to life after hack attack (Update)

Sony says the PlayStation Network is gradually restoring all services, following a two-day hacker siege on the gaming network. Update: PlayStation Network still is struggling to return to a fully functional state. Today the PlayStation Blog posted this statement: The video game industry has been experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. Multiple networks, including PSN, have been affected over the last 48 hours. PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible. From time to time there may be disruptions in service due to surges in traffic, but our engineers will be working to restore service as quickly as possible. If you received a PlayStation console over the holidays and have...

The Interview available on Xbox Video but not PlayStation Store, coming to PSN 'shortly' (update)

The Interview, the controversial Sony Pictures comedy about a CIA plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, is now available to rent or buy on multiple video-on-demand services. The list of services will "shortly" include Sony's own Video Unlimited, a PlayStation representative confirmed to Polygon today. Sony Pictures announced earlier today that it was releasing The Interview on digital services today, one day ahead of the movie's debut in nearly 300 independent theaters across the country. The film is now available on YouTube, Google Play and Microsoft's Xbox Video, but not Video Unlimited, which offers movies and television shows through the PlayStation Store on PlayStation Network. One week ago, Sony canceled The Interview's wide theatrical release after major theater...
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