Wii version of Skylanders Trap Team bundled with Wii U download code

The Wii version of Skylanders Trap Team will include a download code for the Wii U version, effectively creating a cross-buy benefit for the toys-to-life game coming soon from Activision. Skylanders' official Twitter feed pointed out the bonus on Wednesday, meaning that those who buy the game on Wii won't have to buy a new set (at $75) if they upgrade to Wii U. Those who have both consoles may wish to consider this even if the Wii U will be the primary option. Only the software is different; the physical toys and the portal they use are the same for both consoles. Skylanders Trap Team launches Oct. 5 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One and 3DS. There will be a "Dark Edition" collectors pack that allows players to play as the series' main villain, Portal...

Up to half of Redbox game rentals translate into game sales (update)

An increasing number of people are streaming and downloading video games, but this doesn't mean the end for physical goods, nor does it spell trouble for game rentals — that's according to Redbox's director of video games, Ryan Calnan. Redbox currently has automated rental kiosks for DVDs, Blu-ray discs and video games at more than 35,000 locations across North America and offers game rentals for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Select markets also offer games from the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. During the company's first quarter for this year it topped 200 million rentals, of which video games accounted for two percent. While this number may seem small, Calnan told Polygon it's actually a big deal for the games industry. "We have a 20-50 percent conversion rate...

Find out which experimental games excite Korean devs

Note: A few frames of the above video are not suitable for work. A group of Korean game developers were inspired by GDC's Experimental Gameplay Workshop to host their own curated games exhibition. The festival, called Out of Index, opened for submissions June 22nd and just a short month later the games were demonstrated at a small party in South Korea. "People say ‘There is nothing new under the sun,'" reads OOI's mission statement. "Does that mean there wouldn't be any new grammar [of gameplay] then? No! "We would like to inspire new energy to the Korean game industry through various experimentation [sic]." The showcase featured 14 games, including Western games like David OReilly's Mountain. Check out the video for the highlights. You can find information, including videos, about...

Why Sony is courting Wii owners and bringing old games to PS4

If you bought a Wii but not a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, Sony thinks you might want a PlayStation 4. "Our big opportunity is to welcome back an audience much earlier in the lifecycle that possibly bought into the Wii previously," Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House told Eurogamer. "Whether it's based on this is a really good all-round entertainment device for a family in addition to having great games, our consumer data suggests some of those people are already coming in now and that's what's contributing to the really great sales we've had." Must Read PS4 review According to Nintendo, the company has sold more than 101 million Wii units since its 2006 release. Sony's most recent sales figures date from early April and put the PS4 at 7...
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Skylanders makes its Comic-Con debut with hands-on Trap Team

Skylanders: Trap Team, the next entry in Activision's toy/action-adventure series, will be playable at San Diego Comic-Con and will be the subject of a panel there in the series' first appearance at the expo. The panel is "Skylanders: The Creative Process of Bringing Toys to Life," and it will be Thursday at 6 p.m. PT in Room 7AB at the San Diego Convention Center. Featured speakers include Richard Horvitz, the voice of Kaos in the series; Ron Marz, known for his work on Green Lantern and the Marvel vs. DC crossover book, and executives from Activision and Trap Team developer Toys for Bob. Activision is stoking hype for the panel by offering a cosplay contest giving out more than $5,000 in prizes to those who dress up as a character from the series. Skylanders: Trap Team is scheduled...

Evo 2014 tournament stream schedule details three days of fighting game action

The Twitch stream schedule for this year's Evo fighting game championship series is now available, along with the tournament's brackets for the three days of fighting game battles. You watch the tournament from the two streams: SrkEvo1 and SrkEvo2. Capcom Pro Tour will broadcast all of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 pools through its official channel. Super Smash Bros. Melee will join a roster of six other fighting games this year. On Friday, the pools, quarter finals and semifinals for Ultra Street Fighter 4 will take place. Friday will also see pools for Super Smash Bros. Melee and pools and semifinals for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Saturday will feature pools, semifinals and quarter finals for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Quarter finals and semifinals for K...
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Midna from Twilight Princess is wolf-hurling trouble in Hyrule Warriors

The latest trailer for Tecmo Koei and Nintendo's hack-and-slash collaboration Hyrule Warriors highlights Midna, the Twilight Princess and one of the central characters from 2006 title The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. As demonstrated in the video above, Midna rides around the arena on wolf back, summoning packs of wolves to dispatch masses of enemies and obliterating crowds by turning her hair into an arm and fist. The Princess can also take on her Fused Shadow form to deal out damage. Check out the trailer for the game's first character, Lana, and overviews for other The Legend of Zelda franchise heroes Link, Zelda, Impa and Agitha. The Wii U-exclusive title will launch on Sept. 26.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's approval rating is on the rise

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata experienced a rise in his approval rating, a rating determined by Nintendo investors, following his re-election to the board of directors last week, it was revealed. His approval rating now sits at 80.64 percent, an increase of 3.38 percent from last year's major slump — a 77.26 percent approval rating in 2013. It's worth noting that the Nintendo head received a 90.60 approval rating in 2012 before the company faced major fiscal troubles. Earlier in the year, Iwata announced he would slash his pay in half following a 30 percent slump in profit over the nine-month fiscal period ending Dec. 31, 2013. Speaking to reporters at the time, the Nintendo president said he would receive a reduced salary for five months in the wake of the third quarter results....

The relentless brutality of Mario Kart, in half a minute

Want to watch Daisy drop from first to last place in just 17 seconds? Have we got the video for you. It's a microcosm of the Lord-of-the-Flies brutality of any Mario Kart race approaching the finish line. This video has been making the rounds lately via Reddit, but let's state up front that it is not Mario Kart 8 — this is Mario Kart Wii. The standard-definition graphics and presence of Dry Bones and Birdo give that away. Still, it features most of the characters, and all of the methods, available in the latest game. Let us recap the onslaught upon Daisy: 0:03 Hit by a blue shell and a gratuitous red shell simultaneously. 0:05 Passed by Toad. 0:06 Hit by a red shell. 0:07 Bumped and passed by Dry Bones. 0:09 Hit by another red shell. 0:10 Passed by Wario. 0:11 — 0:15: Passed...

Mario Kart 8 surpasses 2 million units sold worldwide

Sales of Mario Kart 8, the latest entry in Nintendo's kart racing franchise, hit about 2 million copies worldwide since its release a month ago, Nintendo of America confirmed with Polygon today. The number, which Nintendo officials said it sold through to consumers, was revealed during the company's 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Japan early today. The title became the fastest selling Wii U game in the console's history when it sold more than 1.2 million copies worldwide since its release May 29 in Japan and May 30 in North America and Europe, Nintendo revealed in early June. Mario Kart 8 also garnered the "strongest review scores in franchise history," according to the company. While Mario Kart 8's performance is strong, it still may be one of the worst-selling...

Nintendo shareholders vote to retain president Satoru Iwata and executives

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and eight head executives were re-elected at the company's 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Kyoto, Japan today. The nine candidates Iwata, Genyo Takeda, game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Tatsumi Kimishima, Shigeyuki Takahashi, Satoshi Yamato, Susumu Tanaka, Shinya Takahashi and Hirokazu Shinshi, were re-elected while one candidate, Mr. Naoki Mizutani, was elected. Iwata, Miyamoto and Takeda were appointed as representative directors at the meeting of the Board of Directors held after the shareholder meeting. Iwata underwent surgery to deal with a growth that was found in his bile duct last week and had to sit out of the company's annual shareholders meeting as a result. Nintendo's president did not attend E3 2014 earlier this month due...

Yacht Club Games surprises backers with early Shovel Knight keys

Yacht Club Games is sending out keys for its 8-bit indie platformer Shovel Knight to backers today ahead of its launch later this week, the developer announced through the game's Kickstarter campaign page. "Hey backers... you should totally check your Humble Key page. I think there might be something there for you. Something that you've been patiently waiting for," the update reads. "It's just a little early... because we love you a whole lot. Shhh... don't speak. Just enjoy the moment." Backers can find out details on how to redeem their code in the developer's "How To Get Your Copy Of Shovel Knight" update posted earlier this week. Non-backers can download the game for Windows PC through Steam and for Wii U and 3DS via Nintendo eShop on June 26 at 11 a.m. PST. The Nintendo versions...

Just Dance becomes an eSports title for 11th Electronic Sports World Cup

Ubisoft's Just Dance franchise is entering a new field this year, eSports — the massively popular dance title will be part of the game lineup for the 11th Electronic Sports World Cup, Ubisoft announced today. According to Ubisoft, Just Dance will be the first-ever casual game featured in the Electronic Sports World Cup. Other titles in this year's competition include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. "We are very proud to widen the definition of eSport with Ubisoft. Competitive gaming has to welcome all kind of players, has to be developed in partnership with the games publishers and has to showcase the most advanced technologies which link the body to the game. Just Dance is for ESWC the perfect medium to reach those goals," said Matthieu Dallon,...

Watch Princess Zelda kick some serious ass in this Hyrule Warriors trailer

The latest Japanese trailer for Hyrule Warriors, the Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors mash-up from Tecmo Koei Games, showcases the weapons and abilities Zelda brings into battle. The trailer shows Zelda mowing down massive fields of enemies with her bow, rapier and special finishing moves. Yosuke Hayashi, producer of Hyrule Warriors, told Polygon in an interview during E3 that the developer feels like the game is giving Zelda the chance to show off the power that she always had. Hyrule Warriors is a spin-off of the series and centers on Link and friends endeavouring to take out a sorceress named Cia. Players will be able to take control of Link, Zelda, Impa and Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. "Regarding the look of Zelda herself, she is a ruler. So we want to...

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata undergoes surgery, will miss annual shareholders meeting

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has undergone surgery to deal with a growth that was found in his bile duct and will miss the company's annual shareholders meeting as a result, he wrote in a letter addressed to shareholders. "In general, it is said that a bile duct growth can be difficult-to-treat, partly because of the difficulty of detecting it early. In my case, luckily, it was detected very early and I had no symptoms," Iwata wrote. "I was counseled that removal at an early stage would be the desirable medical option. Therefore I had surgery last week, and I came through it well, as predicted." Iwata did not attend E3 2014 due to, at the time, unspecified health issues that rendered him unable to travel to Los Angeles. Nintendo's president says that while he has already resumed...

Bayonetta can dress like Princess Peach and Link on Wii U, here's how

Isao Negishi, director of the Bayonetta Wii U port, offers more details on the special abilities that comes with Bayonetta's classic Nintendo heroes and heroines-inspired costumes. The console-exclusive costumes lets players dress the witch up like Princess Peach, Link from The Legend of Zelda or Samus Aran from Metroid in the Wii U port of Bayonetta. According to Negishi, all of the costumes were carefully checked by the game's original director, Hideki Kamiya, who was "very particular about how each costume should look before passing approval." The Peach costume allows players to summon Mario series villain, Bowser, who offers a stomp attack. "Maybe she didn't draw a big enough magic circle, because it looks like we can only see his arms and legs, LOL," Negishi wrote. "Yet watching...

Nintendo loses Wii motion controller lawsuit to Philips

Nintendo lost a lawsuit in the U.K. against Koninklijke Philips last Friday where the company was found infringing on two of the Dutch technology company's patents with motion technology used for the Wii and Wii U. According to court documents filed in the U.S. last month, Philips filed suit against Nintendo for infringing upon a patent for motion control and another for wireless devices that can be remotely controlled by a second device. The suit outlined that Nintendo's Wii, Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus controllers, Nunchuk, Balance Board, Wii U console, Wii U GamePad, Wii Mini and Wii MotionPlus technology are all in violation of the first patent. The Wii U and GamePad console ecosystem were identified in the suit as infringing upon the second. "The common general knowledge did...
E3 2014

Just Dance 2015, Just Dance Now trailer, E3 2014

Just Dance 2015 is the latest entry in the Ubisoft franchise. The game introduces a Community Remix mode, in which songs will be accompanied by videos of other players rather than the game's dancers. The tracklist will include over 40 songs, from Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" to Icona Pop's "I Love It." Just Dance Now is a mobile iteration of the series that will be available to anyone with a smartphone and a screen to which it can be connected. There is no limit to how many players can join in at once. Just Dance 2015 will release for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii and Wii U this October. No release date has been announced for Just Dance Now. To see the rest of the E3 trailers, check out our StoryStream.

How to get your DS and Wii back online, and the people who made it possible

Fans of Nintendo Wii and DS games may still have a haven for their online favorites.Shortly after revealing plans to bring Nintendo DS games to the Wii U Virtual Console in January, Nintendo announced it would pull the plug on the DS and Wii Wi-Fi Connection services on May 20. The global termination affected 20 Nintendo-published Wii and WiiWare games as well as 40 DS games. Nintendo DS, DSi and Wii can no longer access online features including gameplay modes, matchmaking and leaderboards. However, the Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop remain unaffected, as do browsers on the DS and DSi, the Wii's Delivery Channel, Internet Channel and the YouTube and Hulu apps. This termination also affects Nintendo DS games played on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii games played in the Wii U's Wii Mode. H...

The Wonderful 101 game director slept at the office for a large chunk of its development

Hideki Kamiya, the game director of mass hero action game The Wonderful 101, lived at the office for several months during the game's development, he shared on Twitter today. "I was like living at office for 4 months when TW101," he wrote in response to a fan's question if he ever worked so long that he spent the night. "I slept in a meeting room with a sleeping bag." Kamiya added that he has no regrets for sleeping at the office for such a lengthy period of time. He also shared that he slept at the office for one month during Okami's development and posted a photo of his temporary sleeping space (below). Major features were added late in The Wonderful 101's development, the game director said during a past Iwata Asks. This included the addition of the Multi Unite Morph mechanic a...
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