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GOTY 2018: #4 Tetris Effect

This Fallout 76 player has declared himself an endgame boss

Shitposting is an art, if history is any indication

How Miles Morales’ Spider-Man became an icon worthy of the Spider-Verse

How Spider-Man PS4 and Into the Spider-Verse turned a familiar villain into a surprise — twice

Why the biggest mobile games are released in December

Dreams’ long-awaited first beta begins tomorrow

Isabelle turns Super Smash Bros. Ultimate into Assist Trophy hell

Latest Stories

Commission on School Safety goes easy on video games, supports arming school staff

Anthem loot and gear: 6 new things to know

Games of the Year 2018

Backpack Kid is also suing Epic Games over a dance in Fortnite

Magic Leap’s Luna Moondust Garden points to an augmented future

Next year’s Overwatch League tweaks will change esports — and your own gameplay

Battlefield 5 team apologizes to community, rolls back time to kill changes

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox is codenamed Anaconda

The unsolvable mysteries of Upstream Color

The polarized reactions to Pixar’s ‘Bao’ are rooted in culture

PlayStation VR hardware goes back on sale for the holidays

Netflix orders back-to-back new seasons of Sabrina

Fortnite patch v7.10 adds new and classic modes for the holidays

Below is beautiful, subversive and frequently maddening

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the fastest-selling game in the series on the fastest-selling system this generation

Return of the King’s soup-eating Gondorian guard tells his LOTR story

An officially licensed Warhammer 40K animated series is in the works

Fortnite’s newest vehicle and patch have been delayed

Return of the King screenwriter Philippa Boyens reflects on Éowyn’s ‘I am no man!’

Top player presents Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list

Celeste will make you better at every game

Making a game in the world’s busiest crosswalk: The story behind 428

The recent U.S. release of the acclaimed Japanese visual novel 428: Shibuya Scramble represents the culmination of years of work

Fallout 76 introduces more atom cosmetics, and a potential loot box system

Hasbro’s Synergy collection celebrates girls’ favorite toys and characters

After Spider-Verse, Miles Morales has a new team and new direction

Escape From Tarkov team barrages YouTuber with DMCA takedowns over `misinformation`

Fresh Prince’s Alfonso Ribeiro suing Epic Games over Fortnite Carlton Dance use

Monster Factory returns! Meet Soul Calibur 6’s Dr. Sexgun

Polygon’s 2018 holiday gift guide

Check out our annual round-up of all the toys, books and merchandise you never knew you wanted

Our Final Fantasy 7 oral history book is out now

Check out photos of the final book

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