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Mario Maker 2 is the perfect game for the age of YouTube and Twitch

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Sigma goes live on Overwatch test servers today — here’s the new tank’s kit

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The unlikely return of Night Flight

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How Shang-Chi, The Mandarin, and the Ten Rings came to life in the comics

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Bungie on the challenges of reviving old raids and locations in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

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Outer Wilds became a GOTY contender by trusting the player

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Veronica Mars’ season 4 ending is unfair to fans

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How Jane Foster wound up as female Thor in the comics

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Breaking down Snake’s motivations in Metal Gear Solid

A new book excerpt digs into the history behind the original PlayStation blockbuster

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The esports pipeline problem

Unlike regular sports, esports are missing a formal process for turning amateur players into professionals. We look into why

StarCraft player and caster Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson dies at 33

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