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Polygon eats a shoe because of Top Gun 2

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Dead Space spiritual successor The Callisto Protocol severs its connection to PUBG

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10 more PlayStation titles in development for film and TV, Sony Pictures CEO says

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Read the opening pages of Dragons of Deceit, the first new Dragonlance novel in more than a decade

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Now is the perfect time to start playing Genshin Impact

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Critical Role’s newest DM changes the game

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Alex Garland says the ending of Men is whatever you make of it

A character from Elden Ring with an orb-like helmet stands between a giant glowing purple skeleton from Elden Ring and a giant skeleton from an old Japanese wood print.

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Why Elden Ring’s skeletons have such good bones

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Returnal PC release hinted by uncovered listing

A skull-faced figure festooned with grenades and trinkets stands in front of two golden AK-47 rifles as green smoke mushrooms from oversized soda cans.

How Call of Duty turned war into a profitable circus

Posting the entirety of Morbius online is the best new Morbius joke

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