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Grand Theft Auto 6’s first trailer is here

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Turns out Doctor Who’s last Doctor is the secret to understanding this one

Introducing Polygon’s puzzle partner, Puzzmo

Comixology was never going to save comics, but it tried

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Rick and Morty opened a portal to the multiverse and the rest of pop culture jumped through

The Monk movie, Hulu’s new heist thriller, and more new TV this week

Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer brings back a 1989 Tom Petty song

A Stardew Valley character modeled after Ernest Hemingway fishes at the end of the dock. Superimposed over that image is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons character based on Simone, a white woman with brown hair. She is holding a fish.

How I learned to love Stardew Valley’s terrible fishing

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How K-dramas came to and dominated America

The story of Korean dramas’ crossover moment, and the shows to watch that explain it all

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When the makers of Pokémon Go and Sleep No More tried to reinvent theater

Niantic and Punchdrunk spent years designing a gamified theatrical experience that never happened

Overwatch 2’s new season has Monster Hunter vibes and all-new weapon skins

Pro hockey player hits the griddy after OT goal, shouts out Fortnite

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The best movies of 2023 so far

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How to link LEGO Insider and Fortnite accounts for a free LEGO Fortnite skin

PSA: You can watch Fortnite’s ‘The Big Bang’ event on YouTube if you missed it

Did Rockstar plant the GTA 6 trailer date on a T-shirt months ago? Maybe!

Woot’s 8BitDo Arcade Stick deal has me grappling with my budget

More game studios are changing the industry by unionizing

Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has a Metroidvania sequel in big year for Christmas games

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House of the Dragon season 2 has the Targaryens preparing for an all-out civil war

The Boys season 4 will not make you feel better about the state of democracy

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Candy Cane Lane, Netflix’s May December, and every new movie to watch this weekend

The GTA 6 trailer tease is already meme fodder

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player remakes an entire Godzilla movie in the game