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The Game Awards’ Future Class members demand awards show recognize Gaza crisis

Dragon’s Dogma 2 arrives March 2024, looks fantastic

All the new Exotics in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

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Doctor Who time traveled back to 2008 to save the show in 2023

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John Woo on returning to Hollywood at 77 and trying ‘to do it a bit different’

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When the makers of Pokémon Go and Sleep No More tried to reinvent theater

Among Us gets cosmetics inspired by big indie games like Undertale and Celeste

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Pathfinder’s first new rulebook after breaking with D&D evokes David Attenborough

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Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish patch finally adds an in-game LFG

Dead by Daylight hits 60M players

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Stardew Valley Expanded exceeded its creator’s wildest dreams

With over 1.8 million unique downloads, the mod has a thriving community of its own

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Saltburn is a ‘lick the rich, suck the rich’ movie, says Emerald Fennell

The writer-director talks ‘forbidden secretions,’ internet fame and fandom, and what we all want from celebrities

Remember when Frozen helped solve the Dyatlov Pass incident?

‘I like testy relations.’ Greg Davies and Alex Horne on Taskmaster’s success and the novelty of series 16

Amazon’s Fallout series gives us a look at power armor, ghouls, and a new vault

How Dead by Daylight devs got Chucky as their new Killer

The 25 best games on Game Pass

The best video game books of 2023

The best video games of the year so far

The best movies of 2023 so far

Surprise: Lionsgate is reportedly working on a Naruto movie

Here are some gift ideas for fans of Fortnite

Laser-cut board game organizers are a surprisingly thoughtful gift idea

Baldur’s Gate 3 is 0% off and still the best Cyber Monday gaming deal

Lethal Company is the morbidly hilarious game taking Twitch by storm

Your D&D group deserves WizKids’ massive new Watchtower set

Regitube is the only Pokémon that matters to me now

Netflix’s K-drama reality show, a Baz Luhrmann miniseries and more new TV this week

Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion delayed to summer 2024

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie adds new songs for streaming debut later this year

What we learned from Wish: Walt Disney liked to dress up his farm animals

Marvel Snap will still ‘flourish in the future,’ despite ByteDance’s exit from gaming

The best shows to watch on Prime

Hunger Games’ director says Tom Blyth ‘caught me off guard’ as Coriolanus Snow

You’ve seen Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, now watch these other great Science Saru anime

‘I don’t want to revisit myself at 25’: The story behind Netflix’s bold Scott Pilgrim anime

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Suitable Flesh’s director explains the ludicrous kill scene he sat on for a decade

‘This is the thing I love about fellow horror directors — we always have that perfect kill in our back pocket’

Super Mario Bros. Wonder borrows FromSoft’s best idea

Thanksgiving is Spider-Man’s holiday