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The 50 best games of 2019

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GOTY 2019 #1: Outer Wilds

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Disney fights off Baby Yoda fan merch with its own DIY Christmas gift

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The Last Jedi dared to put the philosophy of Star Wars in the foreground

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You gotta see The Outer Worlds dev’s amazing journey to fix an elusive bug

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All the winners from The Game Awards 2019

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Star Wars took over Fortnite to debut Rise of Skywalker footage

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Season of The Witcher

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The 70 best video game characters of the decade

The people, animals, and robots we’ve loved

A playable teaser for a remake of Gothic, a flawed and beloved RPG, is out now on Steam

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The decade in review

Looking back at the past 10 years in pop culture

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The new Black Christmas reinvents a 1974 slasher for a feminist era

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The best games of the decade

Polygon picks our favorite games of the past 10 years

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