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Blackspace asteroid mining game seeks Kickstarter funding

plan. dig. defend. survive.

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

The developers of Blackspace, a PC action-strategy game that concerns the mining of asteroids in deep space, have put the project on Kickstarter.

The studio, PixelFoundry, was founded this past January by two former EA Tiburon employees, creative lead Jerry Phaneuf and technical lead Volga Aksoy, each of whom has a decade of industry experience. They've been working on the game full-time since then, building a title they hope will set itself apart with its fully destructible environments, geological strategy, and physics.

In Blackspace, you play as a mining contractor who gets caught in a between a "major world government" and the mining company, Collier Industries. People have begun to express trepidations about the rare elements Collier is collecting, and what the company plans to do with them. Your task is to mine the cluster of asteroids and defend yourself from enemies.

Discovery in this game doesn't just play out in the "fog of war" that's typical of strategy games. Each asteroid's terrain hides resources and technology, so it's up to you to start digging and see what you can uncover. You'll also be able to customize your ship, and assign units to protect yourself as you build out your mining operations.

PixelFoundry is asking for $350,000; with 17 days left in the funding drive, the Kickstarter contributions sit just above $90,000. The studio has some "alternate plans" if the Kickstarter fails - the game is also listed on Steam Greenlight - but according to PixelFoundry, none of the plans are as good as getting fully funded.

Check out the debut trailer below.