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Peter Molyneux says games aren't 'exploring enough,' the indie community is leading the way

22Cans Studios director Peter Molyneux believes that there are "some really good games out there," but games themselves are not "exploring enough" in a recent interview with VG247.

While new games have always been about pushing the limits of available hardware, Molyneux says that he is not convinced that current iPad games use the device's potential "in an incredible way."

"There's nothing there yet that gives us the brave new world of the next generation, which is going to be something that involves people in a way that is completely unique," Molyneux said. He predicts that the indie community will lead the charge in producing great titles due to the accessibility of publishing with iTunes and the availability of tools like the cloud and accepted free-to-play models.

"It does take six months to ingratiate your title through the console submission process. Now on iTunes it takes six days to do the same thing," Molyneux said.

22Cans is only making one game, with Curiosity just one in a string of 22 "experiments" and a small part of the overall experience. Molyneux and his team will be refining this experience as they release more pieces of the puzzle.

"With Curiosity, I could literally here, right now, refine that experience," he said. "You have to realise that, if I change one thing in this experience, then it may piss the whole world off, but if you want to be a part of this world you've got to get into that mindset."

The next level of puzzles.

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