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Halo 4 returns to Valhalla map with a mech

When Halo 4 comes to the Xbox 360 November 6, it will include an homage to Halo 3's Vahalla map and a new vehicle.

The map, which has been rechristened Ragnarok, brings back Vahalla's iconic babbling brook, man cannons, and opposing bases. New to Halo 4 is the Mantis, a bipedal mech-like vehicle, perfect for stomping Covenant Ghosts.

Earlier this month, Polygon spent a day with Halo 4, playing missions and talking to the developers at 343 Industries, so be sure to check out our feature to get even more Halo 4 news.

You can watch video above to see the map's familiar Forerunner spires and, yes, some mech teabagging. AllGamesBeta has a gallery of images to check out, too.

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