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Forza Horizon demo coming Oct. 9, launch trailer takes a tour of Colorado

A Forza Horizon demo will be available on October 9th, and co-developers Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios released a new trailer today in advance of the demo and the upcoming launch of the game itself.

The launch trailer zooms through Playground's customized, open-world version of Colorado, and the fictional Horizon Festival at the heart of the game. Interested parties will be able to give it a go themselves in the Forza Horizon demo.

Playground and Turn 10 have gone to great lengths to reassure fans that Horizon maintains the Forza Motorsport franchise's "celebration of car culture," and to explain that while Playground is a British studio making an American game, the developers did their research on location in Colorado.

Forza Horizon launches exclusively on Xbox 360 for $59.99 on October 23rd. For an additional $49.99, fans can pick up a DLC season pass, which confers access to planned expansion packs and monthly downloadable updates.

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