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Hideo Kojima will keep creating games until he achieves his original vision

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Hideo Kojima will keep making games until he's able to create the initial vision he had 25 years ago, according to an interview at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts published by

"The amount of tools I have available to me has changed, it's increased," Kojima said. "I have more colors available to me in my palette, I have more tools available to me. But I still haven't been able to achieve that original image that I had in my head. And until I'm able to achieve that I'll keep on creating games."

In the interview, Kojima reflects back on the last 25 years, explains how his method of storytelling in games has evolved, and reveals his frustration with an industry in which many games feel too similar.

Be sure to check out Polygon's PAX Prime 2012 coverage, where we heard Kojima speak about the history of the Metal Gear franchise, as well as his next project, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

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