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Arkedo Series available for PlayStation 3 on Oct. 16

Arkedo Series, a three-game bundle from Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit developer Arkedo Studios, is coming to the PlayStation Store on October 16th, publisher Sanuk Games announced today.

The compilation includes three arcade-style games for use on PlayStation 3: platformer 01 - JUMP! in which players collect bombs before they detonate while avoiding enemies; 02 - SWAP!, a game similar to Tetris, in which rows of blocks must be cleared away before the pile reaches the top of the screen; and 03 - PIXEL!, a pixel-themed platformer. The collection will cost $5.99.

Arkedo Series was originally published as three individual titles on Xbox Live Indie Games in 2009. Sanuk Games announced JUMP!, SWAP!, and PIXEL! for release on PlayStation Network in August 2011. Sony America insisted on bundling the titles, delaying the games' release over a year.

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