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Zynga and Hasbro partnership yields board game mash-ups like Cityville Monopoly

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Zynga and toy company Hasbro have partnered up to create board games based on several of the game developer's more popular properties, merging them with well-known titles like Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos, Hasbro revealed.

The company's Zynga-themed offerings include Cityville Monopoly, Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd, Draw Something, and Words With Friends formatted like classic Scrabble. Most games will come with digital values that contribute to players' online or mobile gaming experiences, such as redeemable Farm Cash for use in Facebook social title Farmville.

"Gaming brings people together, especially during the holidays, and we can't wait to offer friends and families even more great options to play," Hasbro vice president Eric Nyman said in a press release.

"Our hope is to enhance relationships through play through our web and mobile social games and now with the new games from Hasbro, we can make those connections even stronger for our players," added Zynga executive vice president Barry Cottle.

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