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A Valley Without Wind getting a sequel, free for owners of the original

a new-and-improved valley

Arcen Games' A Valley Without Wind is getting a full-fledged sequel, which will be free to owners of the original title, Arcen founder Christopher Park announced on his blog.

Valley 2 will be a "true sequel" to the PC and Mac game, wrote Park, and will feature major changes not patched into the original game because they are "too deep to do without angering players who bought one game and then had us change it on them to that degree." The game will include new enemies created from scratch, an integrated city-building mode, an endgame for campaigns, and the removal of permadeath, as well as a score of other features affecting playable characters and customization.

The full list of the extensive changes made for the game can be found on Park's blog.

A Valley Without Wind 2 will come bundled with its predecessor for players new to the games. Park says that the game will enter beta on PC sometime in November.

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