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Star Wars: First Assault listed for release on XBLA

An image for Star Wars: First Assault, a game apparently headed to Xbox Live Arcade from LucasArts, popped up on

In a post on NeoGaf this morning, user milkybar1983 linked to "every xbla boxart from" He provided a link to the images hosted on, which serves as a portfolio for Stefan Michael Hodgson, a U.K. designer whose work on websites and corporate logos appears there. The NeoGaffer also included a link to larger versions of the images on the same website.

Underneath the links, milkybar1983 included box art for 36 unreleased XBLA games, including an image of First Assault's box art.

Little is know about the game. Fusible outed the title in late August when the publication discovered that LucasFilm had quietly registered several domains related to First Assault and had filed for a trademark of the phrase. Earlier this year, Eurogamer reported on mounting evidence including job postings implying that developer Spark Unlimited was working on the next installment of the Battlefront series.

The image of the game's cover art appears above. The original is hosted on

We have contacted LucasArts and Microsoft for comment, and will update this article any information they provide.

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