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Shakespeare meets video games in 'Hamlet: The Text Adventure'

Hamlet text adventure

Playwright and programmer Robin Johnson has created a text-based adventure based on one of Shakespeare's most famous plays, Hamlet.

The game merges the story of Hamlet with the conventions of text adventures, removing some of the Shakespearean poetry and upping the silly factor. The game contains gems like a comment from the ghost about his death: "Hamlet, you remember how I was found mysteriously dead in the orchard a couple of weeks back? Well... it's like this. Your uncle Claudius poisoned me so he could become king and marry your mother. I'd be awfully grateful if you could kill him for me."

The tongue-in-cheek game immerses the player into the role of the main character, the Prince of Denmark, and tells the story of Hamlet through puzzle solving and interaction with other characters.

Players can begin their Hamlet adventure over at Robin Johnson's website.

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