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PAX East 2013 three-day passes sold out, one-day passes still available

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Three-day passes for PAX East 2013, which offer access to all three days of the event for the entry price of two days, have all sold out, according to the PAX registration site.

The all-weekend tickets for both Penny Arcade Expos have a tendency to sell out quickly, and next year's installment of the Boston-based PAX East is no exception; registration for the event opened up only a little over 24 hours ago.

If you're interested in going, passes for all three days of PAX East 2013 — Friday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 24th — are still available for $35 a piece. That's not quite as good a deal as the $70 three-day pass; but that's the price you pay for reluctance.

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