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A Game of Dwarves Steam pre-order incentive includes beer trees

Pre-order incentives for dwarven resource-management simulation A Game of Dwarves includes a downloadable content pack that adds beer trees to players' harvest, developer Paradox Interactive announced today.

The "Ale DLC pack" allows players to grow trees that produce beer fountains, demonstrated in the video posted below.

A Game of Dwarves centers around a dwarf prince out to reinstate his throne and literally carve out a name for himself, digging holes and halls beneath the earth's crust. Players must grow and ration resources to keep their digging subjects happy and healthy, as well as arm themselves for battle against the creatures lurking in the terrain above.

Players can work their way through a 13-level story campaign, as well as a game mode allowing them to build and mine freely without being attacked. There is also a mode that will produce endless enemies for those up for a rigorous challenge.

A Game of Dwarves is coming to PC though Steam on October 23rd.

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