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Star Trek Online launch veterans get free in-game swag

Developer Cryptic Studios is rewarding Star Trek Online players who have been with the game since its launch with free in-game swag, publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced yesterday in a blog post.

Today marks the 1000th day running for the Star Trek-themed massively multiplayer online game. Players who have stuck around since the beginning will receive a new in-game title, a protoype heavyweight Chimera Destroyer ship for players allied to Starfleet or a Peghq Destroyer for Klingon players, and an additional Starship slot.

"Since Star Trek Online launched in February 2010, we have thanked our loyal subscribers and lifetime members through the Veteran's Rewards program," PWE_BranFlakes wrote on the company's blog. "We know you have many options in choosing where to spend your time, so it means so much to us that you choose to spend it here."

Star Trek Online was released in February 2010 for PC. The game went free to play in January of this year.

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