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Star Citizen donation site knocked offline by curious fans, $160,000 raised in hours

The website for Roberts Space Industries, the official site for donations for the recently announced space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen, was knocked offline shortly after the game was unveiled, according to the developers.

"Due to the overwhelming response to our campaign launch, the main site is currently overloaded," according to a post written on an official mirror of the site. "We expect it to be accessible again shortly, but in the meantime please use this site to back the project with one of the pledges listed below. Thank you for your support!"

Currently both the official site and its mirror are sporadically offline, with the latest update on the full site showing that nearly 3,000 people have already donated almost $160,000 toward the $2 million goal.

Reached for comment this afternoon, a spokesperson for the developer said that those numbers don't include donations made through the mirror and backup sites.

Roberts and his company, Cloud Imperium, are seeking $2 million to $4 million dollars to help bring in more angel investors to fully fund the game, which is expected to hit in 2014.

Pledges for the upcoming game, developed by Wing Commander designer Chris Roberts, run from $10 to $10,000. The lowest, $10 pledge, grants the gamer the right to say they supported the game. The largest includes a slew of goodies like art assets, books, a map, music CD, a replica of their in-game top-of-the-line Constellation spaceship and a day spent hanging out with Roberts and the rest of the developers.

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