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Dota 2 contest brings user designs into game

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dota 2 weapons designed by the public

Valve and Polycount unveiled a contest recently that will bring item sets designed by contestants to the Dota 2 store, and earn designers proceeds from sales.

Entrants will create a minimum of three items for an in-game Hero and submit the items to the Dota 2 Workshop through Steam. Each Hero has specific guidelines about the kinds of items they'll carry. As they're working on the models, the contestants will create a work-in-progress thread on Polycount and submit the final models to Valve through the Workshop for judgment. The deadline for submissions is 12:59 p.m. ET on November 19th.Winners will be announced on December 3rd.

Each sale will earn its designer a portion of the proceeds. Five percent of Valve's proceeds from each sale will go to Polycount.

Valve and Polycount teamed up in 2010 for a similar project for Team Fortress 2.

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