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'Mugen Souls' coming to PSN next week

NIS America is bringing Idea Factory and Compile Heart's role-playing game, Mugen Souls, to the PlayStation Network this week.

The turn-based RPG is set in a small galaxy within a universe that contains seven worlds that exist independently of each other. Playing as an egotistical boy named Chou-Chou, the player is on a mission to conquer each of the unique seven worlds and bring them under his rule.

The game will feature free movement on the battlefield, similar to Hyper Dimension Neptunia mk2, while its battle system will be more akin to that of the Disgaea series, according to NIS America's marketing coordinator, Ryan Phillips.

"Players can experience group attacks inspired by the Disgaea series, where once triggered you and your party, for instance, are suddenly transported into green army tanks and begin raining explosive rounds on your enemies," Phillips writes on the Official PlayStation Blog. "Or, you can merge with your teammates to form a giant spinning character windmill, which allows you to fly around all fancy-crazy while racking up a bunch of damage on your opponent."

Mugen Souls arrives on PSN on October 16th, 2012.

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