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The Unfinished Swan trailer showcases music and sound

The Unfinished Swan, developer Giant Sparrow's artistic game staring a young child and a king, is the subject of a new video today exploring its music and sound.

In the video, Joel Corelitz, the game's composer, explains how the music attempts to mirror the tone of the narrative. He said it becomes "part of the world," tied to player action by alerting players of danger, for example. In keeping with the interplay theme, Corelitz also combined synthesizer sounds with classical baroque stylings throughout the score.

"My goal was to blur the lines and try to find the best of both worlds: to use the opportunity I had as a composer not just to write a score, but to knit the fabric for this world, completely from scratch," he wrote on the PlayStation blog.

In a separate post on the PlaySation Blog, Ben Esposito, the game's designer, discusses development. He writes that it began "as a student project in the University of Southern California’s Interactive Media program," and was intended to be played with a head-mounted device. As the project progressed and changed, Giant Sparrow grew from two to 12 employees, which he said allowed the studio to experiment in ways that larger studios couldn't.

For more backstory on the upcoming game, be sure to check out Polygon's recent feature, where we discuss the The Unfinished Swan and Giant Sparrow from inception to development with Ian Dallas, the game's creator.

The Unfinished Swan is set for release October 16th on PlayStation 3 for PlayStation Plus members and the 23rd for everyone else. Check out the musical fusion in the video above.

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