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PlayStation Store redesign coming later this month to PS3

The PlayStation Store will receive an overhaul later this month, changing both aesthetically and organizationally for an experience that ties its gaming and multimedia offerings together in a single hub, VG247 reports from a European Sony press event.

The new interface, which launches in North America on October 23rd and in Europe October 17th, is a much more visually oriented design; gone are the large categories and sub-menus of the front page, replaced instead by large windows promoting new releases in games, television shows, and movies. Pages are no longer completely detached, and now scroll left-to-right in a carousel. Search functionality will also be bolstered, providing "smart" searches which provide a list of possible matches while you type — even when you misspell what you're searching for.

PS Vita and PSP content will be organized into their own catalogs, a decision which PlayStation Store product development manager Elliot Dumville told VG247 was based on how a majority of shoppers only browse through PS3 content, and therefore wouldn't want mobile offerings cluttering things up.

Check out VG247 for more screens of the new user interface. We've reached out to Sony for more details on how the North American PlayStation Store will change on October 23rd.

Update: A Sony representative responded, confirming the U.S. redesign is coming October 23rd.

"The new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 features a stunning new UI, including simple search and powerful content discovery that makes for a more streamlined and accessible experience," the representative said. "Product pages will get an overhaul with in-depth information about both games and videos, while providing an amazing visual experience."

The representative also confirmed that the revamp is only coming to the PS3 version of the Store and not the PSP or PS Vita versions, adding, "we are considering every possibility, but we don't have anything to announce at this time.

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