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Pid launching on XBLA and Steam October 31st

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Pid, or "Planets in Distress," will bring its gravity-defying, puzzle-platforming action to Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points, and Steam for $9.99 on October 31st, developer Might and Delight announced today.

The title tasks you with navigating a strange, alien planet by creating and then subsequently riding beams of anti-gravitational light. If that sounds confusing, you'll probably wreck your brain trying to solve the game's cooperative puzzles — and that's before you turn on the hyper-punishing hard mode.

Pid will also launch on PlayStation Network for PS3 "later this year," though the studio didn't announce a firm release date.

Might and Delight is a Scandinavian developer largely composed of former employees of GRIN, the developer of the similarly punishing platformer Bionic Commando Rearmed. Check out the trailer below to see the true horrors that await you this Halloween.

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