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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters music now available for streaming and download

Akaneiro music for download

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Spicy Horse, the developer of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters – one of the Top 100 games on Steam Greenlight – has uploaded a number of tracks from the game to SoundCloud for download and streaming.

Akaneiro's music is composed by Kian How, whose work has appeared in Spec Ops: The Line, Dishonored, Dust 514, Eve Online's expansion Incarna, Splatterhouse, and Test Drive Unlimited 2.

The tracks that are available for download include the Main Theme from the game, a piece called Calm, and a later piece of music called Dark. Kian How has also recorded a short commentary track for each song where he describes the piece's influences and what goes into making each of the songs.

The music can be downloaded and streamed here.

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