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DUST 514 and the five-year plan that will outlive the PS3

In for the long haul

Dust 514, the upcoming console title from EVE Online developer CCP, has a five-year plan and ideas that can keep the title running for another 20 years, executive producer Jon Lander told

When asked whether the game would outlast this console cycle, lander stated: "Our plan is that we want in another ten years to be having 'EVE is 20' and Dust' is 10' [events]."

The studio plans to bring out regular expansions in order to keep the community active, he says, promising "we're not going to ship a unit and then in six months it's off the shelves and people have stopped playing it."

Dust 514 entered into its beta in May and is scheduled to release on PlayStation 3 later this year.

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