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Crashmo brings down the walls

Crashmo, the sequel to Nintendo 3DS puzzle-platformer Pushmo, throws a handful of new features into the push-and-pull mix. Instead of rescuing children from a perilous playscape, roly-poly protagonist Mallo must rescue birds from the top of teetering structures. To get these birds, Mallo has to push and pull various blocky set pieces to create stairs, similar to how players moved blocks in Pushmo.

Once set pieces touch the ground they cannot be picked back up again, allowing Mallo to move them in any direction but up. If players make a mistake, they can use the left trigger to rewind the scene, setting all blocks back into place just before the mistake was made rather than resetting the entire level.

Mallo can push and pull from any angle, but can't move a piece while he is standing on it. Pieces can be pushed from side to side as well as front to back to create three-dimensional staircases for Mallo to climb.

As you progress further through the game, the puzzles will get more complicated, like in Pushmo. But what sets it apart from its predecessor is its inclusion of special blocks with varying properties, like levitating pieces in midair to prevent them from locking into the ground.

Crashmo feels as addictive and fun as its predecessor. It doesn't stray too far from Pushmo's formula, but maybe it doesn't need to — there's something simple and satisfying about just pushing around blocks.

The next level of puzzles.

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