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Guild Wars 2 update coming October 22nd, brings paid tournaments

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Paid tournaments October 22nd

"Shadow of the Mad King," the first major update for ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 MMO, is coming October 22nd and includes Halloween themes, new content, and paid tournaments, according to the game's website.

Guild Wars 2's five-player paid battles offer better prizes than its free tournaments. To enter, players will need tickets earned by playing in free tournaments or purchased in the Gem Store.

"Shadow of the Mad King" will also bring Halloween-themed events, decorations, and mini-games to Tyria, including an "epic adventure in four acts" that will start on launch day and run through Halloween. New jumping puzzles, mini-dungeons, bosses, and achievements will also appear with the update.

Earlier this week, Jonathan Sharp, a designer for Guild Wars 2, outlined several changes coming to the title, which our review said "brings together everything good about the genre."

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