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Roblox gives players the power of Lego-like building

Gameplay is designed for players to craft and experiment

Since its launch in 2006, the free-to-play, user-generated massively multiplayer online game Roblox has given millions of players the power to create hundreds of original games.

Using building-block mechanics, players can create on the spot and explore levels crafted by other users. In August alone, 3 million users pumped over 40 million hours into play, reports GamesBeat. In an interview with the publication, chief executive officer David Baszucki explained that gameplay is designed for players to craft and experiment in a "wide range of ways" similar to building things in the real world.

"You can come in and just sample and play things that other people have made, you could casually get involved in the community by making some simple assets that other people might use, or you could make an advanced game that other people play millions of times," said Baszucki.

The team isn't trying to "create a triple-A type of plaform," says Baszucki, but focus on quality and refining their product.

The company is currently working on an iOS app, now in beta, that will allow people to play Roblox from their tablets or phones — an upgrade from the game's current app, which only allows mobile access to friends and messages.

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