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GameStop price cuts $50 off Xbox 360 holiday bundles

Consoles included in the deal are now priced at $249.99

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GameStop has reduced the price of its holiday bundles for the Xbox 360 250GB and 4GB with Kinect.

Consoles included in the deal are now priced at $249.99, a $50 price drop from their usual tags. Bundles can be purchased in-store with the exception of the Xbox 360 Elite 250BG Matte Holiday Bundle, which is only available online. Each bundle includes different games, including Halo Reach, Forza Motorsport 4, and Kinect Adventures.

In addition to the holiday bundles, the stand-alone 250GB console and 250GB Kinect bundle have received a $50 price cut as well.

There is no indication of when the deal will expire. We have contacted GameStop and will update accordingly.

Update: Best Buy is also running a sale on its holiday bundles (via user toejomino), as is Amazon on the 250 GBconsole and 4GB with Kinect bundle.

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