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Kinect game saves rugby player from having to undergo surgery

Saved by Kinect

Australian rugby player Drew Mitchell will be back to play with the Wallabies sooner rather than later and also avoid ankle surgery after discovering that his injured ankle was fine while playing a Kinect game.

The Wallabies player was a few weeks away from undergoing ankle surgery for a ruptured tendon when he decided to play a series of Olympic Kinect games with his nephews and nieces. Being only weeks away from surgery and facing a year off the field, Mitchell told Fox Sports that he though "stuff it" and removed his stability foot to play the game.

Mitchell says not only did he feel no pain, he was able to run and jump without any discomfort.

"By the end I was running full-on, doing hurdles and all the rest of it," he said.

Mitchell surprised doctors and physios with his ability to sprint, despite doctors confirming earlier in the year that he had ruptured a tendon.

Seven weeks after his Kinect revelation, Mitchell has rejoined the Wallabies, citing the Kinect as the reason he discovered he didn't require surgery.

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