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Half-Life and Awesomenaut' skins coming to Minecraft for Xbox 360

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Minecraft skins arriving soon

Half-Life and Awesomenauts-themed skins will be coming to Minecraft for Xbox 360 as part of the game's Skin Pack 3 downloadable content, Microsoft and 4J Studios announced this weekend.

The skins are based on the classic first-person shooter, Half-Life, and multiplayer online battle area game Awesomenauts. In the former, the skins feature a Half-Life human with a crab on his head, the G-Man, a scientist, a guard, Alyx Vance, Dr. Eli Vance, and Gordon Freeman. In the latter, Awesomenauts characters include Clink, Sheriff Lonestar, and Yuri the Monkey.

The DLC is yet to be dated.

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