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Marvel Heroes MMO gets three new characters, lots of shiny costumes

Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel revealed new information on massively multiplayer online role-playing game Marvel Heroes during a panel at New York Comic Con today.

The team unveiled new characters Nova, Luke Cage, and X-Men Jean Grey. The latter has been the most requested character for inclusion in the MMO, with both classic and Phoenix outfits available for her.

The game features Marvel superheroes battling each other across a series of large randomized zones, the addition of which is a first for MMOs. Players fight across these combat zones, never replaying the same area in the same way twice. Heroes will face the biggest threats to peace in the Marvel universe in teams or solo, earning rewards that can then be used to power up characters.

Characters can be customized with hundreds of different costume skins. Designer Josh Book created costumes based on outfits from the entire Marvel canon, including recent films like The Avengers. Players can purchase the costumes and characters, or wait to unlock them in-game through play.

Each hero is its own character class and plays a completely different way from others; although larger characters like Hulk and Thing look like they would have the same kind of strengths, their skill sets and traits have been tweaked to reflect the character's portrayal in the comic book.

The story focuses on the growing divide between humans and mutants, a story strain taken from X-Men. Charles Xavier calls the world's super heroes to Mutant Town, a colony in New York City populated by mutants and under attack by the mutant-hating Purifiers terrorist group. Gazillion has worked to maintain each character's in-game experience true to their comic book roots, ensuring none of the classic heroes break character.

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