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'Wasteland 2' will have perma-death and turn-based combat

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The features of an old school RPG

Wasteland 2 will feature old school turn-based combat and permanent death, according to a VG24/7 interview with inXile founder Brian Fargo.

Speaking to VG24/7, Fargo said that when players begin Wasteland 2 they will be able to choose non-playable characters to join their party and each will have a different set of skills that will have their advantages and disadvantages. If a party member dies, the death is permanent.

"We will indeed have perma-death in the game," Fargo said. "If you make a bad decision and get a party member killed, they won't come back. We committed to creating an old-school RPG experience and we are definitely looking to make this a hardcore experience.

"Success in the Wastelands is centered around creating and using a team that works well together based on the strategy you're using," he said. "I might also add that many of the choices the player make might not be felt for many hours later. This is another way of making the decisions in Wasteland 2 permanent as players have to live with the outcomes they create."

Fargo also said that the game will feature a high-speed turn-based combat system by trimming the "fat" that often slows down turn-based combat, such as time spent waiting for enemies to attack and allowing multple enemies to move and attack together.

Wasteland 2 is expected in late 2013.

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