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Street Fighter X Tekken gets free gameplay overhaul in December

A free, "full-scale" rebalance of Street Fighter X Tekken that will provide a major overhaul of the fighter's balance and system mechanics is planned for this December, Capcom officials announced at a New York Comic Con panel today.

The system update will tweak a number of minor visuals of the game including the gem activation effect, the "Fight" text placement and the color of recoverable health.

The update will also change some of the game mechanics. For instance, recoverable health will recover slower after the change is made.

Officials on the panel also said that every character in the game is getting tweaked, some a little, some a lot. Those changes include specific move tweaks, the speed some characters move and their anti-air techniques.

Changes detailed during the panel include extending the forward distance of Ken's Shippu Jinraikyaku, increasing the damage of Heihachi's Chrome Dome, and making the MAX Chrome Dome move impossible to defend against, and increasing Bob and Paul's walk speed.

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