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SimCity instructional video shows how to keep a cool head during disasters

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SimCity, much like its predecessors, will occasionally see your town plagues by any number of natural (and supernatural) disasters; a trailer released today shows you how to deal with any troubles that might come your town's way.

The instructional video, posted below, shows proper procedure for both preparing for and recovering from a disaster, such as a tornado, earthquake, meteorite strike, or UFO attack. Having the proper infrastructure in place, such as ample hospital, police, and fire station coverage, will not only help you survive these predicaments, it will help you expedite the clean-up process after the calamity has left town.

Check out the video below to brush up on your disaster survival skills, and check out our E3 preview on the game's multiplayer mode to see how you'll be able to share your burden with your closest friends.

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