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Borderlands 2 trailer showcases the Mechromancer's electric personality

Pandora's newest vault hunter, Gaige the Mechromancer, is the star of a new video released today by publisher 2K Games to showcase her deadly abilities.

The trailer highlights Gaige's powers, including several based on high-voltage electrocution, and her Anarchy skill, which increases damage with every kill but decreases accuracy. It also introduces Deathtrap, her leggless robot friend equipped with a laser beam that sets enemies on fire. Those interested in the pair's firepower can spec their theoretical Mechromancer on the Borderlands 2 website.

The game's fifth class came to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 9th, a week earlier than expected. Some players reported several bugs that seemed to be related to the Mechromancer, but developer Gearbox said that the bugs are unrelated and that it and publisher 2K are working to working on fixes.

Check out the trailer above to see the punch beneath Gaige's pigtails.

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