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Tank! Tank! Tank! lets you accessorize your mugshot for in-game avatars

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face! face! face!

Tank! Tank! Tank!, Namco Bandai's cartoony military shooter, includes a dose of realism courtesy of the Wii U GamePad's front-facing camera, as seen during a hands-on session on the New York Comic Con show floor yesterday.

The screenshot above only shows unadulterated photos, but Tank! Tank! Tank! offers a variety of pre-baked frames you can add to a photo of yourself — captured with the GamePad's camera — for fun. I scrolled through the options, putting things like a helmet and mustache on my face before settling on a set with feline features. The avatars are just cosmetic, but when playing the game's multiplayer modes, it's charming to see your friends' faces decked out with outlandish accessories.

Tank! Tank! Tank! is set to be released during the Wii U's launch window, which runs from Nov. 18 through March 31. Check out our write-up of its Kong mode from the Tokyo Game Show as well as our E3 preview. Kong mode will even let you put your face on the big monster itself.

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