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Minecraft update 1.8.2 for Xbox 360 rolls out tonight

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Minecraft's latest update for Xbox 360 (1.8.2) will start rolling out at 2 a.m. PDT tonight and will include new features like a Creative Mode, NPC villages, new combat mechanics and hunger.

The new hunger mechanic replaces the health system. Previously, players could restore their health by eating food – players now eat food to fill up a Food Bar, which is constantly drained by the player's actions.

In addition to new gameplay features the update will also introduce new mobs (Endermen, cave spiders, silverfish) food items, (apples, raw chicken, cooked chicken, raw beef, steak, melons, rotten flesh), and new items like cobwebs, glass panes, stone bricks, vines, biomes, pumpkin seeds, and more.

The full list of planned changes can be viewed at the Minecraft Wiki. 4J Studios announced via Twitter that the update may take a few hours to reach all territories.

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