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Star Citizen developers considering Kickstarter

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to Kickstart or not to Kickstart

Cloud Imperium, the developer behind Star Citizen, is asking its fans if they'd like to see the game on Kickstarter, less than one week after the company launched a crowd-funding drive on its own website.

According to a note posted on Roberts Space Industries' Facebook page last night, Cloud Imperium is listening to its fans regarding the appearance of Star Citizen on Kickstarter. The company asks them to Like the post if they want to see the game on the crowd-funding site; as of this writing, 775 fans have done so.

Since the pledge drive launched on Oct. 10, nearly 9,000 Star Citizen fans have donated more than $825,000 — over 41 percent of Cloud Imperium's $2 million goal — with 24 days left in the studio's campaign. That takes into account nearly two days during which the donation website was offline due to excessive traffic.

Cloud Imperium's FAQ already includes a response to the question, "Why not Kickstarter?" According to the FAQ, the studio believes "the ultimate goal of crowd funding is about connecting the 'crowd' directly with the creators with as little friction as possible," and wants to maintain "just one destination" for that crowd to visit for information on Star Citizen and for communication with other fans. The company also wanted to set up its own site for funding is so it could accept contributions from fans worldwide.

"Kickstarter, as great as it is, can't deliver this experience, which is why we've decided to go it alone," says the FAQ.

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