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Minecraft PC gets Far Cry 3 inspired map and texture pack on October 26th

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Minecraft on PC will get a free texture pack and map based on Ubisoft's upcoming open-world first-person shooter Far Cry 3 on October 26th, Ubisoft announced today.

Weapons, tools, and environments from Far Cry 3's dangerous islands have been modded into Minecraft, along with recognizable locations and characters including series main antagonist Vaas, Far Cry 3's protagonist Jason, and tribal boss Citra. The map will contain more than 50 East Eggs from Ubisoft's title.

The map was created by Minecraft modder Michael Lambert, with the textures rendered by artists Axel Janssen and Yohann Delcourt. Minecraft PC players can download the pack at the Far Cry 3 official website.

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