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Everquest and Everquest 2 expansion pre-order incentives offer special in-game items

Pre-order incentives for the EverQuest: Rain of Fear and EverQuest 2: Chains of Eternity expansions include a set of special in-game items, developer Sony Online Entertainment announced today.

Rain of Fear, Everquest's 19th expansion, will raise the level cap to 100. Pre-orders for the $39.99 standard edition will add two items, a Harbinger's Staff and Fear Corrupted Phase Spider Metamorph Totem, to the seven items already included with the edition. The collector's edition, available to pre-order for $59.99, nets the two extra items and adds an additional seven pieces of content, including a special Collection Quest available only to those who purchase the collector's edition. Post-launch the edition will cost $89.99.

EverQuest 2: Chains of Eternity is the sequel's ninth expansion, and will add prestige abilities and raise the level cap to 95, Pre-ordering either the standard or collector's editions will net buyers the Cloak of Mourning item. Pricing for the editions is the same as Rain of Fear, and the collector's edition also adds seven more items to the standard edition's offerings.

Both expansions are expected to release next month.

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